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    From SEAFRESH Guernsey

    Guernsey's fantastic pristine waters produce some of the best seafood that is available anywhere in the British Isles. The variety of fish that is caught is huge. We get Mediterranean species as well as the colder north Atlantic species.


    Many of the fish that are caught by our local fishermen are landed at St Peter Port harbour, only about 100 metres away from our shop on the Castle Emplacement.

    Seafresh Guernsey Location









    SEAFRESH Guernsey provides customers with the greatest variety of fresh fish and shellfish anywhere in Guernsey. We have very high standards and only the freshest fish will pass our requirements as we intend to offer our customers the definitive taste of Guernsey's superb unspoilt waters.




    We are one of only a few SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) approved businesses in Guernsey, so we take hygiene very seriously.


    SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) Certificate

    Our mouth watering selection of seafood products from fresh salmon and Guernsey bass to prawns and ready prepared products include :-

    FRESH LOCAL FISH Poissons frais de Guernesey Bass, Bream, Brill, Haddock, Halibut, Mackerel, Monkish, Mullet, Plaice, Pollack, Salmon, Sole, Tuna, Turbot, Whiting. Clams, King Prawns, Mussels, Prawns, Scallops.

    LIVE SHELLFISH TANKS Réservuirs de crustacés vivants


    FRESHLY COOKED CRABS Crabes frais cuisinés

    FRESHLY COOKED LOBSTERS Homards frais cuisinés

    FRESHLY DRESSED CRAB Crabe frais decortiqué

    FRESHLY PREPARED CRAB MEAT Viande fraîche de crabe preparée

    SEAFOOD SAUCES AND MUCH MORE..... Sauces aux fruits de mer et beaucoup plus.....




    Seafood PlatterSeafresh StallSeafresh StallSeafresh StallSeafresh StallSeafresh StallSeafresh StallSeafresh CustomersLobster

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  • Line Caught Guernsey Bass

    Lovely Bass

  • Seafresh Guernsey Red Lobster

    Red Lobster

  • Seafresh Guernsey on visitguernsey.com

    Seafresh Guernsey on visitguernsey.com

  • The Extremely Rare Red Lobster At Seafresh Guernsey

    This is the very rare red lobster that was caught off the west coast of Guernsey by Alan Vaudin on Wednesday 23rd July 2012. It is on show at Seafresh Guernsey for the immediate future but has been donated to the Guernsey Aquarium for long term viewing. Red lobsters like this one come along in about every ten million lobsters.

  • Seafresh Guernsey And Countrywise Filming

    The Countrywise film crew came from the UK to make a feature about the Guernsey fishing industry. Here they are filming in the shop as customers came in. Luckily they came when there was some ormers in the shop. They had been out filming on the trawler of the co-owner of Seafresh Guernsey earlier that morning. Rather them than me because it was absolutely freezing and the wind was blowing strong from the east.


    Seafresh Guernsey Fishmongers
    Seafresh Guernsey And The Countrywise Crew
    Seafresh Guernsey And The Countrywise Crew
    Bernie With A Halibut Fillet

  • Guernsey Crab

    Sales of Guernsey crab (chancre) have really gone mad this winter, the start of 2012. They have probably doubled from this point last year.

    Guernsey crab is at its best this time of the year. The crab is packed full and the flavour is just fantastic. Crabs start to shed their shells in the spring and good ones are harder to comeby than in the winter. However, the Guernsey fishermen go after spider crabs in the spring for a few months when they are abundant so there is no loss, only more quality seafood.

    Spider crabs meat is sweeter in taste than the Guernsey chancre. The real Guernsey locals tend to favour the spider crabs over the chancre but both are superb as the water around Guernsey is so clean and is teeming with all of the food that crabs thrive on.

    Guernsey Crab
    You can get Guernsey crab from Seafresh Guernsey fishmongers

  • Seafresh Guernsey

    Seafresh Guernsey.

    The biggest and best fish supplier in Guernsey.


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